Coach Training: Move Past Obstacles for the Rewards

eyIn the last blog post, examples of goals for coach training were provided followed by obstacles for maximizing the training.  Now consider options for moving past the obstacles to maximize the rewards of the training.

Options for Moving Forward: How will you move past the obstacles?

  • Scheduling – schedule in advance the time for class including being there early and staying after to ask questions, time to review the information, time to practice what is taught, and time to do the homework (At the Center for Coaching Certification, webinars are 90 minutes so schedule to be there 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after – a two hour commitment.  Reviewing information, reading emails, and printing handouts for most is an average of 30 minutes per webinar.  The practice is typically incorporated in daily life.  The homework is an average of 90 minutes per webinar.)
  • Learner’s Guide – the Center for Coaching Certification provides a Learner’s Guide with tips on what to expect, how to prepare, and what to plan.  The Core Competencies handout is emailed in advance along with other handouts.
  • Ensure quiet space with only the class on your computer – plan to be in a closed room by yourself and turn off other phones, turn off other programs, and have only the class webinar in front of you with your handouts and notes.
  • Ask questions and think about how you can use information – the more you engage in the conversation with questions and discussion, the more you will gain awareness of how every piece of information provided adds value and is applicable.
  • Plan time for reflection and seek opportunities to practice – be intentional with your time for thinking and intentional with your practice of the information (after all, the people and communication skills taught in coaching are beneficial in all areas of life).

Whether the obstacles were true for you or not, what are your ideas now to maximize your coach training and reap the rewards?

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