Obstacles to Maximize Coach Training

Obstacles to Maximize Coach Training


Obstacles to Maximize Coach TrainingWhether you are starting a coach training class or have completed one, an important step to maximize your learning is to consider your goals, what you want to gain from the class.  Next, list the obstacles.  This creates the focus so you then explore options for moving forward.  Start with goals and obstacles here, and ideas for moving forward in the next blog post.

Goals: What do you want to learn about coaching?

  • The difference between coaching and other roles such as consultant or mentor
  • What competencies are expected of coaches
  • Ethics and specifically how they apply
  • How to recognize and work with different personalities
  • Listening techniques
  • Techniques for speaking clearly and respectfully
  • How to ask powerful questions
  • When to ask questions
  • How to set goals

Obstacles: What prevents you from fully engaging and putting in effort for coach training?

  • Time – the time for class, to reflect, to practice, and to do homework
  • Unsure how to prepare – not knowing what materials to organize and how, what advance reading to do, failing to read all of the information provided
  • Distractions or lack of focus – when attending classes online, a common mistake is thinking it is possible or okay to multi-task
  • Unsure of applicability – when hearing the information common mistakes include assuming it is already fully understood or thinking it is not applicable or insignificant
  • Lack of reflection and planning use of information – realistically, life is busy and making time to reflect and plan takes commitment

What other obstacles are you facing?

In the next blog, look for ideas to move past these obstacles.

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