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The ICF Code of Ethics

By Pete Liska https://www.linkedin.com/in/peteliska/ The International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics defines the relationship between a coach and a client, what the ICF expects …

Brian McReynolds

Coaching Style of Management

by Brian McReynolds, brian@instituteforappliedleadership.org The common expectation in the business world is that a manager has all the answers to every situation that will arise. …

Language Is The Foundation

Language is the Foundation

by Cathy Liska, www.CenterforCoachingCertification.com From the chapter on Language is the Foundation: Consider how language impacts you personally.  Test it by thinking about something you …

Shine Each Day

Shine Each Day

1. What’s your coaching business name? Shine Each Day 2. What is your niche? Men and women who are 30-50 years old who have realized they are …