Coaching for Dental Hygienists

David loves his work as a dental hygienist.  He enjoys the large amount of one-on-one time he has with his patients and the opportunity to discuss the effects of diet and other choices on dental health.  David believes all bodily systems are connected.  He also believes happy and loyal patients are the ones who are treated as a whole person.

David wants to enhance his skills for working with patients.  After speaking with the dentists he works with, they decide to invest in a certified coach training program.  The program they choose is mindful of ethics including patient privacy and defining the difference between coaching and practicing mental health.

After the coach certification David applies his new skills.  He notices his patients respond to him better because he adjusts his style to each person individually.  David is aware of how to phrase things for each persons learning and communication style.  He asks questions to get a full unbiased picture of the patient’s lives and health goals.  He is able to make a meaningful connection with his patients.

Part of his job is to give advice to his patients; through coach training he learned to ask questions so the patient owns their choices for what they want to change.  David finds the patients now follow through with the steps they come up with because they are in control of the decision making process.

David and his patients share in the benefits of the changes during follow up visits when they measure the results in their charts.  David’s patients are loyal to him because of the connection they create.  His patients now refer their friends and family to the clinic because of the patient care.  The clinic is now enjoying increased revenue with high patient satisfaction and retention.

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