My Journey through Coaching – Blog 6 of 12

Part 1: A Reluctant Coaching Client by Brandi Alvarez

As I continue along my client journey I go back and forth between ‘this works’ and ‘I am over it’.  I know I have hard time getting in touch with my feelings and visualizing the world around me when I have accomplished my goals.  I am working towards the power of positivity and thinking and actions.  Can a non-nurturing person get in touch with their emotions and use them for the good?  I never dreamed how much work this would be.  It is mentally challenging and a hard concept for me to grasp.  Is there a secret to it?

Today is my fourth and last session as a client before I move on to being the coaching student.  I discovered several realizations today.  One, I had actually accomplished some things on my list and I know I want to do more.  I made this progress without even thinking about it and it is making a difference in my life.  Now as I venture forth I know my negative thinking will be what holds me back, positivity has not yet become a habit!  It is important to make myself a priority and take care of myself first.  I realize this is hard work and work on it every day.  This process is challenging for anyone and you cannot sweat the small stuff.  Coaching means changing and focusing forward and planning.

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