Remember this: Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail

Planning takes time.  Time to think, explore, consider, reflect, define, choose, prioritize, strategize, and get specific with action steps.  The barrier to dedicating time for planning is, ironically, time!  Think about it – how often do you dedicate the right amount of time for planning?

The best resource for planning and moving toward success is a coach who has completed their coaching certification.  Working with a coach means scheduling time to plan!  During coach training, tools for time management are explored.  Coaches also discuss co-creating tools specific to individual clients.  The more a coach is aware of tools and how they work, the easier it is for them to brainstorm resources with clients.  The more a coach works to design tools and partners with clients to create tools, the more effectively that coach helps future clients.

The basic coaching process includes asking questions so clients think about what they want, explore the possibilities, choose their priorities, develop strategies, and define actions.  On an advanced level, coaches learn to “do it now” during coaching sessions.  This may involve researching tools together, brainstorming resources, or designing tools or processes specific to the individual client.

Coaching is a process that includes planning to succeed.

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