Coaching Tools


COACHING_TOOLSWhat tools are helpful to clients, coaches, and the coaching process?

Tools include assessments for a fuller understanding and awareness, written information for learning, and experiential activities for a deeper learning.  Additionally, visuals support understanding and open thinking, and are a communication tool.  Technology is part of how we function and increasing comfort with different technologies opens options.

During coach training participants practice with different tools and technologies, and thereby gain a comfort level.  This supports the growth and success of both the coach and the client. Awareness of different tools and different technologies as a coach means you are prepared.

During coach training with Center for Coaching Certification, one of the assignments in the Master Coach program is to explore different tools.  Another asks the coaches to create a visual diagram of their process.  During class we discuss coaching process and resources.  For the group coaching sessions we experiment with different technology platforms.  The reason for all of this is so that as a certified coach, you are aware of different possibilities, consider different approaches, develop dexterity with creating visual diagrams, and increase your comfort level using different technologies.

This blog series will focus on various tools and resources.  Join the conversation with your thoughts, ideas, and questions.  What tools do you use?  What are your thoughts?  What do you want to explore further?

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