The Challenging Client Gets Results – Now What?

challenging client gets results

challenging client gets results(from Coaching Perspectives V – 10 of 11)

As a result of the work coming out of the coaching relationship, Brendan was seeing the results and feeling very good about his outcomes.

Then Rachael asked Brendan what else he wanted.  For a moment Brendan was stunned.  He realized that by changing his thinking to be positive and proactive, then changing his language to support that, he had achieved his goals.  Now he had the opportunity to expand his thinking and set new goals.

Brendan continued working with his coach and building on his success.  (In coaching continuing the relationship is based on it benefitting the client and on client choice.)  He began training other sales people on how to work with their customers.

Coaching Notes

Reflect, research, experiment, test, and observe impact using affirmations, stories, meditation, journaling, and visualization.  More than reading information that is available, practice the techniques because when you experience it yourself you know the power and impact.

Hints for Your Research: Read the research on how positive affirmations are a tool for supporting a positive way of thinking and belief.  Visualizing the desired outcome is tool used by many including professional athletes.  Stories invite interest and positive stories create positive emotions for positive engagement.  The research ranging from studies to experiments to brain scans backs up the benefits of being positive.  Being positive means thinking and speaking with positive language.


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