How to Create Change

how to create change

(from Coaching Perspectives V – 11 of 11)

Start by asking yourself these questions about what you want:

  • how to create changeWhat does saying it like that mean?
  • How does it feel?
  • What do you want to focus on?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • Which words hurt?
  • Which words are positive and proactive?
  • Which words support your success?
  • How will you create a habit of positive thinking and talking?

Reflect on your answers.  Some do this through journaling, others through planned time for reflection, and others with their own coach.  Decide for yourself what works and how to apply the insight.  Create your positive, proactive plan and create a habit of using language that supports your success.

Start with creating your own positive, proactive focus with a habit of using language that supports you and others.

Limiting Language What to Say Instead
Try Choose to
Need Want to
Should Will
Would Plan to
Could Commit to
Can’t Doing
Won’t Prefer to
Don’t Instead do…

Coaching Notes

Ask the client for their positive, proactive language.  Ask the client what language works for them, what words they want to use, and how they will create a habit of positive, proactive thinking to support them for the long term.

As the brothers experienced throughout their lives, negative language limits thinking and outcomes while positive language expands thinking and enhances outcomes.

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