Coaching Notes Perspective

Juanita Bulloch

Juanita Bullockby Juanita Bulloch

Some coaches take notes and some do not.  Some coaches share their notes with clients and some do not.  Some coaches take copious notes and some jot down only a few things.  During coach training we discussed note taking and what it does for the client with a few thoughts on how the notes help the coach.  This blog is about the benefits for the coach.

What do I, as a coach, perceive as benefits of coaching notes?  I use coaching notes as a tool to support clients being free to focus and dig deep for their answers while confidently knowing I will capture their thoughts and words for review later.  Notes allow both client and coach to track actions, progress, and ideas resulting in the client gaining trust and confidence in me as an accountability partner which supports building rapport.  Of course, the coaching relationship begins with client and coach having a clear understanding of confidentiality and record keeping practices for coaching notes.

Review of notes supports the coach holding the client accountable and preparing for the next coaching session.  The coach using client’s words in follow up questions supports clients feeling heard and understood.  Having and reviewing the actions clients want to take helps the coach support clients moving forward.  Again these actions by the coach are powerful for building and maintaining rapport and an effective coaching relationship.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of taking notes is that it forces the coach to actively listen!  During coaching certification I experienced this first hand.  Evidence of listening is using the client’s words in the rephrasing, reflecting, and summarizing of clients statements.  Sharing the notes with clients demonstrates hearing and understanding in addition to being a useful tool for clients.

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