Whether new or an experienced coach, writing a bio may seem challenging.  What will sell your coaching services?  What is your target market and ideal demographic?  What words or phrases represent you the best?  These things are important.

When someone reads your bio, they want to know whether you offer what they want and will help them.  Knowing you offer what serves them determines whether they will reach out.  Share your story or example facing a common challenge, your mistakes, what you learned, and your success. WRITING A COACHING BIO FOR YOUR WEBSITE

Tailor your bio to your ideal client and write based on what they want to know.  Express how you identify with their pain point.  Share how partnering with you will empower them.  Write just for them.  Use the word “you” to personalize it.  Our brain focuses on what is most important to us personally.

Create curiosity so that readers want to keep reading.  Use teasers and strong imagery. Ask questions that hold interest.  Create trust and safety.  Having severable consistent with your bios on multiple social media platforms and your website.  List your certifications, education, experience, affiliations, and successes.

Incorporate reviews and testimonials from real people.  Reviews, ratings, testimonials, and social media icons help people to make decisions.

Be easy to find.  Be easy to see.  Be easy to work with.  Let people know exactly how to contact you on the phone or via email.  Describe easy steps or use call to action buttons on your website.

Gifts are often appreciated and lead to more sales.  Providing a small gift in return for getting in touch, such as a mini book you have written, is a great way to collect potential client’s emails and phone numbers.

The key components of your bio include:

  • A story of with pain points followed by successes that gives them hope.
  • An examples and testimonials of how working with you helps them overcome their pain point and succeed.
  • Easy ways to contact you or schedule a free introductory session.
  • Call to action – invite them to take the first step.

During coach training we had the opportunity to share bios and learn from each other.  It is smart to look at several different bios for ideas to enhance your own.


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