Does learning Coaching really make a difference?

In the certification program, after each assignment participants are asked how they benefited from the material. The responses are exciting. Participants share they are going through a shift in their thinking of how to approach employees, how to mentor, and how to coach clients. The first section covered coaching, what it is and what it is not – and the participants told me that simply understanding the difference between coaching versus consulting or counseling changed how they worked with clients. The section on ethics solidified the understanding with specific information and guidelines.

Understanding people is the third section. Is there any person that does not benefit from insight on this topic? After covering this information in the program, participants shared examples of how it influenced their work. For one, it completely changed the outcome of a conversation with an employee, which meant that instead of seeing the coaching as an exit process, it became the process for the employee to get back on track and again bring value to the company. For another, a coaching client was struggling with a situation, and simply understanding some of the differences of different people meant knowing the questions to ask, how to ask, and the opportunity to share perspective with the client. The result? The client has new insight, and felt great about the plan of action they created.

Communication and language are the focus of the fourth section. Consider the difference of these two questions: ‘Why do you think that will work?’ versus ‘What are your action steps to make it work?’ In the first, the word ‘why’ puts others on the defense; in the second, the person is truly engaged to consider the situation and create their own action plan.

Studies show that the number one deficiency in the workplace today is people skills and communication skills. Sixty percent of North American companies are hiring coaches. Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries. What does this mean to you? Coaching skills enhance your career, open doors, and create new opportunities in the workplace. Coaching certification gives you both the tools and the credibility to either advance your career or begin a business of your own, or add value to your current business.

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