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3 Steps to Start a Coaching Relationship

3 Steps to Start a Coaching Relationship

Each coaching relationship is unique.  This is because each client is unique and what will serve them in the moment varies. 3 Steps to Start a Coaching Relationship

When coaches are in their coach training, they often learn a specific process.  Additionally, there are many processes explained in books and online.  Many coaches use assessments too.

What is most important is that the coaching process serve the client.  What are the steps coaches can take to ensure they set the foundation to best serve clients?

  1. Use the Core Competencies of a coach and Code of Ethics from ICF as a guide – this means reviewing them regularly to stay on track.
  2. Because rapport is the number one indicator of success, it is essential that the process includes an opportunity for understanding the client, their context and culture, and their interests and objectives.
  3. Explore options for how the client wants to start the relationship and to use their coaching sessions.

To have a coaching relationship means establishing the coaching agreement.  This happens in three phases: First is an initial conversation about coaching, the process, and how it works.  Second, when the client is ready to start, take the time to review a formal coaching agreement and the ethics.  Third, once you are coaching, every session the client determines the focus, measure of success, meaning, and agenda for the conversation.

Coaching certification prepares the coach to set the foundation for building an effective coaching relationship.


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