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Now is the Time

How often do you or people you know make a resolution and then forget about it within a matter of weeks?  In my experience, way too often.  What are the reasons?  Life – we get busy with other things, routines take over, habits, a lack of motivation, competing priorities, what others want gets in the way, etc. etc. etc. Now is the Time

Then think about the reason for coaching – to create meaningful change.  How does a coach partner with a client to move past the challenges?  When looking at the coaching competencies and the PCC Markers to demonstrate the competencies taught during coaching certification, of note is the focus on both the who and the what or the being and the doing.  If a coach focuses only on doing, they will miss the internal motivators that drive the effort to change.  If the coach focuses only on the being, then they will miss the practical application of how to change.  It is when the coach embodies the competencies and the markers with an awareness of both the being and the doing that they support the coachee effectively.

It is the coach’s role to empower the coachee to explore their possibilities and opportunities, choose what they want, reflect on their motivators, consider different strategies, and design their plan for moving forward.  Just as a coach does this for their coachees, the coach is well served to do this for them self and to have their own coach.


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