Effort Pays Dividends at Each Stage for Coaching

Effort Pays Dividends at Each Stage for Coaching

Effort Pays Dividends at Each Stage for CoachingBecoming a coach, coaching effectively, client success, and building a business all call for engagement and effort.  The best part of engaging and investing the effort is the dividends gained – the reward.  Just as we measure the ROI of coaching (whether it is based on number crunching or consideration of outcomes), consider the dividends for your efforts.

In this blog series, we explore the stages in coaching: training, coaching effectiveness, client effort, coaching business building, marketing, and group coaching.  For each stage, we will list the obstacles to really engaging and putting in the effort, then ideas for moving past the obstacles.  Ultimately, effort is an individual choice and the dividends of the effort reward the individual.

Start with thinking about what you want.  For example: When you choose to attend coach training, what do you want from a class?  For some it is simply the piece of paper – they forget to think past that and consider the opportunities in a class.  To get your thinking going, I will share a few thoughts.  When participating in a class, things I want include new insights and awareness, confirmation of things I am doing right, new tools and techniques, opportunities to practice, time to reflect and discuss what I am learning, and hands-on doing.

More Questions to Consider:

What do you want to learn about coaching?

When building your skills as a coach to be effective, how do you measure success?

As a coaching client, what do you want from the relationship and the process?

How will you start and operate your coaching business?

How will you market yourself as a coach?

What opportunities will you create with group or team coaching?

This blog series will incorporate each of these questions in a blog post.

For now: What do you want?

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