Visual Diagramming in Coaching

transparency with coaching model

Before beginning as a coach, the preparation includes developing competencies, learning VISUAL_DIAGRAMMING_IN_COACHINGthe ethics, and creating a process for engaging with a client.  Often time people appreciate a visual diagram of what this means with the explanation.  The visuals used by the Center for Coaching Certification describing the model for this preparation combined with a diagram of the process have proven helpful for having the conversation and for understanding.

In the Master Coach class, students diagram their coaching process.  The feedback on this VISUAL_DIAGRAMMING_IN_COACHING_CCC_MODELexercise is that it pushes them to think through their steps, adds clarity, and provides messaging for explaining it to others.

Consider the benefits of a coach who is comfortable diagramming, illustrating, or creating a visual: it means that in the moment the coach and the client can develop an illustration to support exploration for the client, their clarity, and to define their process.

For example, working with a client on delegation of tasks, the client talked through the VISUAL_DIAGRAMMING_IN_COACHING_task_delegationlisting of tasks, sorting by skill and priority, deciding who to delegate to, noting the checkpoints, and listing final completion date.  Here is a quick, simple diagram of their process:

The coach illustrating while the client is talking through is one use of visual diagramming and an alternative is sending it to the client afterwards in their notes from the coaching session.

Seeing it makes it easier to understand and follow the process for the client.

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