Visibility Creates Coaching Opportunities

Visibility Creates Coaching Opportunities

Visibility Creates Coaching OpportunitiesBeing in business as a certified coach means creating opportunities for future clients to find you and connect.  In the previous two blog posts were ideas for speaking and training as options for connecting personally with future clients.  A key thought from that information will enhance the possibilities for additional strategies: provide great content to demonstrate expertise and engage.  Great content can be offered through social media, blogs, articles, and publishing a book.

How do you get started?  Begin by writing ideas.  Brainstorm.  Create a list of challenges your ideal client faces and then write possible solutions.  Carry a notebook or an IPad so that you have a place to write whenever you have an idea.  And… start taking pictures you can use!

Next create a plan for your social media pages.  For example, on Facebook people like pictures and quick inspiration.  On LinkedIn, people like resources and ideas.  Twitter is a great way to send out quick thoughts.  Decide how often you will post and then do it consistently.

Blogs are a great way to offer content and create visibility.  Most blog posts are from 200 to 500 words.  People are busy so good content that is easy to read quickly is ideal.

Articles and publishing a book are opportunities for depth in the content you offer plus are great for establishing credibility and expertise.  Using your ideas from your writing, organize the content, do research, and build with additional information and ideas.  Ask people you know for feedback and recommendations.  Then get publishing!

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