Self-care – A Pillar of Self-Confidence

Birgit Rohm

Self-care – A Pillar of Self-Confidence

Birgit RohmBy Birgit Rohm

Thus far in this blog series, we have explored the first two pillars of self-confidence, connection, and acknowledgment.  Now we move into the third, self-care.  For those of us who coach, this is often significant both personally and in supporting clients. During coach training we learn our responsibility for self-care so that we can best serve clients.  We also practice coaching clients to create their strategies and plans for self-care.

Self-care: While commonly stress has a negative effect on the body, some stress is good and there are stressful phases with which the body copes best if – and that is the point – we enjoy it. If what we do gives us pleasure, the body sends out neurotransmitters that strengthen us and support our health. Knowing what is good for us activates our productivity and motivation. But where to start? In the smallest detail. It’s like the oxygen masks in an airplane, we have to put them on ourselves first and then put them on those around us who need help. This has nothing to do with selfishness, but with self-responsibility. If I am full of energy and strength, my environment also profits from it. There is a beautiful relationship saying: I do self-care for you and you do self-care for me. 

What if I am unsure of what is good for me? How do I find out?

In this case, the focus must be directed from the outside inwards, from external expectations to internal motivation. What motivates me? Not others, me? What inspires me? What do my two energy sources count on, the body-energy and the creative-energy? Positive thoughts come with motivating emotions to activate high-quality neurotransmitters. Especially in stressful phase in which a lot of adrenaline and cortisol is released, it is imperative to know what is good for me. This way we activate additional neurotransmitters which in turn further trigger healing and reproduction in the body. Thought – Emotion – Body. This is a chain reaction that we can influence.

To give our self-care space and time requires something very important. What is it?

This leads us directly to the next and last pillar of self-confidence – control.   Come back for the exploration of control for self-confidence.


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