Do Coaches Procrastinate?

do coaches procrastinate?

do coaches procrastinate?Silly question – you may as well ask, “Are coaches human?”  Yes, coaches procrastinate.  More pertinent questions are, “How much?” and “How often?”  The reality check is, “What happens?”

Because how much and how often people and/or coaches procrastinate varies based on the individual, focus instead on what happens.  The possibilities vary too:

  • Absolutely Nothing – the best possible outcome for procrastination is that nothing happens. Of course it often seems as though nothing happens when in reality what happens is simply hidden.
  • Tasks Pending – another simple outcome of procrastination is that tasks are still pending. Hopefully the tasks are still completed and in time to serve the purpose intended.  Alternatively, it may be that the desired outcome is delayed.
  • Negative Consequences – procrastination may result in lost opportunities, a loss of credibility, and/or a loss of business.

Beyond the impact on the individual who procrastinates, what happens for coaches who procrastinate?  Often it means the coach fails to develop and grow and in turn their work or business fails to develop or grow.  Additionally, if a coach procrastinates then they are modeling a behavior that they are trained to help change.  Specifically, during coaching certification or coach training, coaches learn how to partner with their clients and support clients being proactive.  So the question becomes, “How can you help someone else be proactive if you yourself are procrastinating?”  Coaches – be proactive and ask yourself:

  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • What happens if I don’t accomplish it?
  • What happens if I do accomplish it?
  • How will I move forward?

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