Setting the Example

setting the example blogWhen people are considering coach training, the question sometimes comes up, “Are coaches expected to be perfect?”  It is funny this is asked because ultimately we are all human and that means we are imperfect; coaches do have coaches, coaches focus forward, plus coaches are continuously learning, growing, and improving.

What is expected of coaches?  Coaches are expected to be moving forward, engaging in ongoing professional development, and enhancing their skills.  This means coaches are expected to prioritize their involvement in conferences or coaching certification.  Coaches are also expected to be an example and model the behaviors they support in clients.

What behaviors are expected of coaches?  The PATH to success for coaching includes these behaviors:

  • Preparation – preparation to be a coach involves coach training on the 11 Core Competencies and membership in the International Coach Federation. Preparation for doing coaching involves having an agreement ready, being accountable to the Code of Ethics, and having the appropriate tools and resources for clients.
  • Availability – coaching within an organization as an employee involves scheduling work time and communicating availability. Coaches that are in business make themselves available by organizing their business infrastructure and taking the appropriate steps for starting a business, and then offering coaching services online with a website and through social media, by networking, and by speaking or presenting.
  • Training and Development – the Code of Ethics for coaches includes a commitment to ongoing training and development which in turn means having tools and using effective techniques when working with clients.
  • Honor Self and Others – respecting personal balance in terms of time and priorities as well as respecting others for who they are ensures coaches have the mental, emotional, and physical energy to truly be present when working with clients and at the same time are fully accepting each client as a whole individual.

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