Confidence and Coaching

confidence and coaching

confidence and coachingHow much of a factor is confidence?  The answer to this next question gives insight: How often are people holding themselves back?  The reality is that confidence is a factor in success or failure.  Too little confidence prevents people for moving forward.  Being overly confident can burn bridges or obscure circumstances.  An appropriate level of confidence supports moving past barriers and taking action to create success.

How does confidence come up in coaching?  Ironically, while confidence is a factor for all of us, many are uncomfortable discussing it, unsure how to address the topic, or unaware of the impact.  During coaching certification confidence is discussed. By completing coach training the coaches learn to listen deeply and recognize when to asking probing questions.  This helps bring the topic to the forefront so that it can be addressed.

What are different coaching techniques?  Approaches to developing confidence include:

  • Ask questions for awareness of the level of confidence and the impact
  • Ask for a list of past successes
  • Ask about positive traits
  • Ask for a list of skills
  • Design actions for quick wins
  • Acknowledge progress and success

Confidence is a factor and yes, it is appropriate for coaches to ask: What is your level of confidence for moving forward?

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