Visuals or Info-graphics as Coaching Tools

info graphic - blog

Given that 40% of people are primarily visual and many more are secondarily so, visuals, diagrams, or info-graphics are great tools for coaches.  As an example, when explaining coach training or coaching certification classes in a webinar, a visual of the model and process for coaching helps people understand coaching.  As a coach offering services, a diagram or visual on your website can be helpful for clients.  Additionally, diagrams or info-graphics on social media garner attention.

Take the idea of visuals past explaining coach training or coaching services and consider it a tool for clients to organize their thoughts, gain clarity, and/or remember something.  As a coach the more easily you can create diagrams, info-graphics, or visuals, the more easily you can help a client during a coaching session by creating it for them as they talk and explore or by helping them create their own.  Creating a visual is a brainstorming opportunity too.

As an example, consider this visual of the change process:


info graphic - blog

This illustration provides insight and sets up further exploration.

Visuals or diagrams are an opportunity for understanding.  An added benefit of visuals is how they engage people, much like stories do, in the idea, process, or plan.  Visuals serve as reminders too.

What visuals do you want to have on your website?

What visuals do you want to create with clients?

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