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process tools

process toolsWhen coaching, clients are often working on how they will complete specific things.  Sometimes it is tracking their own work or all the work of their team, perhaps it is delegating, other times it is determining who does what in which order.  Time management and budgeting also involve processes and ultimately both time and money are factors for everyone.

During more advanced coaching certification there is exploration of various process tools and students are challenged to begin creating or finding more.  The idea is that the more coaches are aware of different process tools, and the more they create their own, the more prepared they are with options for clients or the ability to co-create a tool with their client.

For example, as a result of coaching an executive, one tool called the Delegation Progression supported that client and also became a resource for other clients.  Specifically, working with the client during a coaching session, the process of increasing the level of freedom given when delegating plus the process of discussing this with employees was delineated.  A table was included too for the client to use.  As an example here is part of what is included in the tool:

The Delegation Progression:

  1. Talk to me about everything.
  2. Tell me your ideas for handling situations.
  3. Tell me your plan.
  4. Tell me how your plan worked.
  5. Tell me only if your plan failed.
  6. Meet with me regularly.

The conversation with the person being delegated to:

  1. Ask what level they think they are at.
  2. Share what level you think they are at if it is different.
  3. Ask what they plan to do to move up to the next level.

The insights and application of this tool supported client success.  The additional win is how co-creating the process tool with one client also means having that tool plus additional dexterity for creating tools with other coaching clients.

What process tools make sense for your clients?

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