Transparency in Coaching


Transparency_in_CoachingHow does transparency apply in coaching?

Transparency is essential for ethical behavior in the coaching profession.  When discussing the Code of Ethics during coach training at the Center for Coaching Certification, the over-arching theme is transparency.  Transparency about the coach’s background, transparency about the value of coaching as a service, transparency about the coaching process, transparency about possible conflicts of interest, transparency about confidentiality, etc.

Consider this from the perspective of the client: when a coach is transparent about their ethics and all that the Code of Ethics means in a coaching relationship, then the client has more confidence in both coaching and the individual coach.  This in turn impacts the coaching relationship because it is the foundation or framework for building trust.  Given that the number one indicator of success in a coaching relationship is the rapport between the coach and the client, trust is essential for an effective engagement.

For the coach transparency makes it easy – being open and honest about everything gives a sense of lightness.  It clears the space to really focus on the client and what is best for them.  It helps the coach keep them self out of the way and truly empower their client.

Through this blog series explore how transparency applies in the many different areas.

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