Client Summary When Coaching is Complete


Client_Summary_When_Coaching_is_CompleteAt the completion of the coaching relationship there is tremendous value in reviewing the goals the client set throughout, their progress, and their successes.  This builds confidence for the client.  It is a tool for measuring the ROI of coaching.  The conversation also provides closure to the relationship.

An easy way to do this is by using the summaries discussed in the previous blog.

After this conversation, plan time to discuss how the client will apply what they learned through coaching as they continue moving forward.  Discuss their long term strategies.  And, of course, keep the door open for additional coaching in the future.

An additional tool for many coaches is to create a one-page summary including pertinent information about the client, the goals, and their successes.  Then only the agreement and the summary are retained and all other records are destroyed.  By doing this the coach is protecting client confidentiality, managing their records, and is prepared for the client to return and enter a coaching relationship again.

Provide the client with a closing summary that notes what they wanted from coaching, their goals and outcomes, and use their predetermined process (requested before the coaching relationship started) for evaluating their ROI from the coaching relationship.

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