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The Challenge – Increase Access to Coaching

Increasing access to coaching means making both coach training and coaching services available to people who currently are unaware of coaching or unable to afford it.  It is important that all of us in the coaching profession care about diversity and access to coaching so that together we can make a difference.

The Challenge – Increase Access to Coaching

Ways an individual coach can increase access to coaching:

  • Reach out to nonprofits in your community and explore opportunities for coaching the people they serve.
  • Reach out to organizations that serve youth and explore ways to offer coaching either to groups or individually.
  • Reach out to organizations that serve the underserved and explore how you can offer coaching to their constituency.
  • Find out if your city has a sister city in another part of the world and explore offering coaching there.
  • Connect with local organizations and find out which have colleagues in other parts of the world they collaborate with to explore options for offering coaching.
  • Connect with medical professionals that serve the economically disadvantaged and collaborate to provide coaching.
  • Join discussion groups on social media sites and propose that you and your colleagues be available to serve people that do not currently have access to coaching.
  • Be a part of the effort by getting involved in the conversation and in efforts to expand access to coaching.

These are a few ideas – what else can you as an individual coach do to make a difference?  Please add to the brainstorm with comments here!

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