Coach Transparency About Education and Experience


Coach_Transparency_About_Education_and_ExperienceThe Code of Ethics from the International Coaching Federation includes a guideline for coaches to be honest about their experience and their coach training.  Specifically it says: “I will accurately identify my coaching qualifications, expertise, experience, certifications and ICF Credentials.”


  • A newly certified coach is asked about their coaching experience. Because their experience is significant, when responding it is important to be honest about being recently certified and also about what applicable experience they do bring to the table.
  • A coach who has been coaching for years is asked about their experience in a particular industry. While they have not worked directly in that area they do have related experience.  The guideline means stating both of these facts: the lack of direct industry experience and also the transferable skills or related experience that they have either from previous work or from coaching other clients.

Sometimes when a client is asking about the experience of the coach, they them self are unclear as to whether it is only actual work experience or a combination of work experience, coaching experience, and coach training that creates the full understanding.

On a coach’s website there is typically a page about the coach.  This is an ideal opportunity to provide clear, accurate information about experience, expertise, coach training, and ICF membership.

As a coach, be transparent and provide complete information.

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