Plan and Act to Be a Coach

Benefits of Addiction Coaching

Planning and taking action is foundational to what happens in the future – you are starting a habit of moving forward.  Planning and action are essential to being successful as a coach.  Start listing specific actions and creating a timeline, and then take action!

Areas for Research

Research on opportunities includes looking at jobs that request or require coach training and also jobs where opportunities are enhanced.  A note: SHRM cites coaching as a skill area and ATD cites coaching as a core competency.  Increasingly coaching is recognized as a leadership skill.  In addition to jobs that specifically include coaching, having coaching skills enhances results and thus enhances opportunities for advancement in most positions.  This means the research may focus on the use of coaching skills in current roles or professions.

For many business owners, including consultants, mental health professionals, attorneys, accountants, and project managers, coaching enhances the work you are already doing plus it is a value-add service to sell.

If you are looking at coaching as a business, look at what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, talk to your network and ask for their input, and research companies that contract for coaching services.

Choosing the Right Coach Training

Choosing coaching certification includes looking at options, credibility, cost, and location.  Remember, all training is not created equal.

In terms of options, focus on the hundreds of programs that have been approved by the International Coach Federation.  For additional credibility, look at schools that are members of the Association of Coach Training Organizations, ACTO.  Another indicator of credibility is accreditation by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training because of the rigor behind standards for designing and delivering training.

The cost can range from several hundred for non-approved programs to tens of thousands of dollars for programs that may or may not be approved.  The location of classes can be online, in major cities, or a combination of both options.  Often the schedule is a factor too, so look at that as soon as you decide to move forward because you may want the option of joining a class in your area simply because it is the only class in your area that year.

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