Benefits of the ICF

Often coaches ask me about the International Coaching Federation and the benefits of membership.  What are the pros, the cons, and the considerations?

Cons – well singular ‘con’ really because there is only one:

  • Cost – membership in the organization does require an annual fee.


  • Professional development opportunities: free, low cost, and extensive program options.
  • Network with colleagues: this is an organization of professional coaches offering networking online, at chapter events, during training programs, and at conferences providing the opportunity to share with and learn from colleagues.
  • Credibility: the ICF is the gold standard in the coaching industry for professionalism, ethics, and coaching competencies.
  • Support the Industry: the ICF approves training programs, holds members accountable to the Code of Ethics, and provides information through research, publication, seminars, and more.


  • Coaching is moving toward either self-regulation or government regulation.  If coaching successfully self-regulates, it will be through the ICF.  If coaching becomes government regulated, the ICF will be a key player.
  • The more coaches work together collaboratively, through the ICF, the more the industry professionalism is recognized and the quality of coaching services enhanced.

Professions across the country and the world have professional membership organizations that support individual success and the value of the particular industry.  It makes sense that coaches collaborate and enhance the industry cohesively.

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