How to Choose a Wellness Coach

How to Choose a Wellness Coach

By Cathy Liska

When thinking about a wellness coach, a common practice is to start with looking for possible coaches.  Common sense is to consider what is wanted from the coaching relationship first.  This involves being aware of the reasons for engaging a coach and starting to think about objectives for the coaching relationship.

Places to find a wellness coach include coach training schools, fitness professionals, referrals, searching on the internet, and searching for published content from wellness coaches.

Interview two or three possible coaches and either choose one or decide to interview more.  When you contact possible coaches, ask about their coaching certification and their Subject Matter Expertise.  Tell them about your objectives for the coaching relationship.  During the conversation, be aware of your comfort level and readiness to trust this coach because the rapport between coach and client is the greatest predictor of success.  Ask the coach to explain their coaching process to ensure you are comfortable with their approach.  Be sure the coach discusses an agreement and their Code of Ethics.

It may be helpful to have a list of what you want in a coach and then a system for ranking the coaches you interview.  That way when you have interviewed several coaches you are able to track your priorities in choosing.

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