What is First in Becoming a Coach?

I want to become a coach!

Once you commit to becoming a professional coach and doing the work, get started with gathering information, creating strategies, designing actions, and implementing your plan.

Which is first, training or a job search?  It makes sense to be aware of possibilities for jobs and for training.  Do you want to get the training and then look for a job, or research job possibilities first and then get your coaching certification?

  • The advantages of coach training before you know the job or business possibilities include the usability of coaching skills in all capacities, the coach training itself opens doors, and that the opportunities are different at different times. Often coaching certification motivates creating opportunities for yourself too.
  • The disadvantage of coach training before you know the possibilities is that choosing coach training may be based on having an opportunity. 

Which is first, training or business planning?  Knowing the opportunities for a business and for coaching certification is smart.  Will you do your market research and business planning before or after your coach training?

  • The advantages of coaching certification before business planning include having the research you will do as part of class, being coached during class helps with the planning, colleagues to share ideas with, insights from the program, and access to the resources for business planning given to graduates.
  • The disadvantage of coaching certification before business planning is that your research and planning may determine whether you will go ahead.

An interesting thought: when you complete your coaching certification you will find ways to make it part or all of your job, or you will be empowered to build a business.

Another important thought: coaching skills help in most jobs and in your personal life too.

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