Master Certification Individual Coaching Practicum (Part III)

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Master Certification Individual Coaching Practicum (Part III) by Toniya SinghMaster Certification Individual Coaching Practicum (Part III)

On top of the group coaching practicum in the CMC program, there is an individual practicum. This was truly the cherry on top of the sundae!

Whereas in the CPC program the practicum was a defined process with provided tools after the training classes, the CMC program practicum was a simultaneous, virtual event throughout the program.

The Coach/Coachee/Instructor portion was also a marvel to watch as it unfolded. This was done under the tutelage of the instructor starting with each of us learning about every member of the group through Bios and 1:1 interviews of fellow students to engage in finding our best Coach/Coachee match.

Once matched, we each coached 3 times + we were each coached 3 times + we each observed/evaluated 3 different coaching sessions via recording. When all is said and done, every one of us walked away with 9 written and quantified evaluations of our strengths and weaknesses.

The coaching practicum was a thing of beauty in every way. Here are the reasons: First, each individual session is only the student coach, their fellow-student client, and the instructor. After every session, group and individual, (1) We evaluated ourselves (2) Our fellow-student coach(es) evaluated us (3) Our instructor evaluated us and we ALL learned (A) what was done well (B) reasons it was considered well-done (C) what called for improvement and (D) how to improve. Mind you, this was for EVERY coaching session and trainee led group coaching. So just multiplying the sheer number of people by the types of feedback it was unlikely that any obvious caveat was left un-researched or unsolved.

This is like receiving a ready-to-use virtual map of one’s areas of strength, growth, and the empowerment to success. By now, as coaches we all know that we hold the possibility of success in our own hands. So all we have to do is follow what we as coaches teach others using this virtual map. Walking the (coach) talk here has a 2-fold benefit – ONE we practice and refine the craft of coaching and TWO we improve on our own areas of growth.

Given all of the above, the Master Certification Program at the Center for Coaching Certification is without a doubt a much-valued tool in the coaching arsenal regardless of the nature and niche of coaching that is to follow. Coupled with the Professional Coach Certification, the Master Coach Program begets the term ‘win-win’. It is fitting!

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