I’m a new coach…is it smart to define my niche?

How do I empower myself?

Harvard Business review said that when someone hires a coach, the choice is based on experience in a similar setting and having a coaching process.  This means that defining your niche based on your expertise is attractive to prospective clients.  Coaching certification provides the coaching process.

The difference in communicating you do with a defined niche is powerful.  Imagine, “I coach anyone on anything” versus “As a coach my specialty is transitions.”  Which sounds most like you know what you are doing and are confident about your services? It seems obvious that defining a niche makes sense.niche

A third consideration: with a niche you clearly define your ideal client.  This in turn guides your marketing efforts.  Without a niche you are marketing to the whole world and whoever does see your message is unclear about who you are and the caliber of your services.

Change the question: How do I define my niche? Start with these two questions:

  • What is/are your area/s of expertise or knowledge?
  • What area are you passionate about?

Answering these questions helps you define your niche and ultimately helps clients find you too.

Keep going. what type of client are you looking for?  Start with these two questions:

  • What specific challenge do they want to address?
  • Who are they? (age, gender, socio economic status, profession, location)

Combined with what you are developing for your niche, the answers to these questions helps you refine your offering and know where to connect with new clients.

Above and beyond the coach training offered, the Center for Coaching Certification provides Certified Coach Education programs.

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