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Program Overview - Certified Professional Coach class

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Certified Professional Coach Program Overview:

Five live, interactive online classes:

1. About Coaching: What a Coach Is Not, What a Coach Is, How to Excel as a Coach with the 11 Core Competencies
2. Ethics: What the specifics of the Code of Ethics means for you, scenarios and what to do, and ethical accountability
3. Understanding Your Client – a tool for recognizing how your client is thinking and interacting combined with tips to adjust
4. Communication – techniques for fully engaging through listening, clear, direct language, and asking powerful questions
5. Focus and Motivation – tools for recognizing language patterns and thought patterns to create a shift for a positive forward focus

Research, Practice, and Report:

After each online class you will have an assignment to either research and reflect or to practice specific people and communication techniques, then write a two-page report.  Expect to invest at least 90 minutes in each of your reports.

Coaching Practicum – Coach, Be Coached, Observe Coaching:

Introductory Coaching Session, Opening Coaching Session, Second, Third, and Fourth Coaching Sessions

After the opening session you will have a homework assignment in preparation for your second coaching session.

Case Study – fill in a table outlining the coaching process from the initial conversation through challenges