I’m a new coach…How do I market myself?


Start with the basics. Setting up social media profiles and a website are, in today’s world, the equivalents of listing your business in a telephone directory.  The social media profiles and the website demonstrate to people that you really are in business.  With these in place, the real marketing can be effectively developed. marketing

According to the research done by the International Coach Federation, the top two sources of new coaching clients are referrals and public speaking or training.  Let’s explore each in turn.

Referrals – who and how – a simple overview:

Who How
your network Tell people about your coach training

Ask people to help spread the word

social media contacts Actively participate in groups

Post information about your coaching

network online and in person Connect with people online and communicate

Attend networking events

When you are seeking referrals, focus on simply letting people know what you offer, asking them to help spread the word, and being available if they are interested themselves.

Training – what and where – a simple overview:

What Where
30 to 60-minute presentations Offer free or inexpensive webinars online

Speak to groups and organizations in the area

3 to 6-hour workshops Provide online programs people pay to attend

Offer workshops to the public or businesses

Training Programs or Retreats Offer training to the public or businesses

Find a venue and plan a retreat

When you offer presentations, workshops, training, or retreats, choose topics and areas of interest that fit your coaching niche and are valuable for your ideal client.

What else can I do to market myself?  One great way to establish expertise and demonstrate credibility is content marketing. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Write blogs for your own blog site or as a guest blogger on others. (Center for Coaching Certification invites guest blogs on topics of interest to the blog audience.)
  • Be a guest speaker to connect with new audiences. (Center for Coaching Certification hosts guest speakers on topics of interest to their audience.)
  • Write a book, an article, a chapter, or a white paper. (The Center for Coaching Certification publishes a new book annually in the series Coaching Perspectives with chapters by graduates.).

List yourself in online directories.  (Center for Coaching Certification hosts www.FindaCertifiedCoach.comfor graduates to list themselves.)

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