How do I know if hiring a coach is right for me?

Success and Magic of Executive Coaching

Whether advancing your career, moving past a challenge, or choosing to create meaningful change, a coach is your single most powerful tool.  Given that is a bold claim, consider the research that backs it up. Forbes magazine said, “Do you have a coach?  If not, you could be limiting your career success.”  Fortune magazine cites an average 600% return on investment. Denison Consulting calls coaching the organizational development tool of choice.  Now, make this personal.  Hiring a coach means engaging a professional with a process that supports you exploring your opportunities, identifying and addressing your challenges, developing your strategies, and partnering with you for accountability on the follow through. Determining whether hiring a coach is right for you is as simple as determining if working with a professional is going to help you achieve what you want more efficiently and effectively. 

What can I expect from coaching?  To start, get clear on what a coach is and is not.  For example, at the Center for Coaching Certification, coach training starts with defining this exactly.  A coach empowers you to clarify your goals, develop strategies for moving past obstacles, plan, and define your action steps.  A coach is your accountability partner.  Know that you are in control of what you want to talk about with your coach.  Explore your goals and priorities with your coach and tell them what you want from each session.  Being honest with your coach will empower you to accomplish more.  A coach knows you are your own best expert and their role is to provide the process that puts you in charge.

What, exactly, does a coach do?  A coach who has their coaching certification is a process expert that challenges and expands your thinking so that you find your answers within yourself.  The coaching process is advanced development for advanced results.  This means that in addition to figuring out your action steps, coaching involves creating awareness, deepening learning, and strengthening you as an individual.  Harvard Business Journalstates that most people who have a coach have a fierce desire to learn and grow – and a coach partners with you to make that happen.

How long will the coaching last?  A coaching relationship lasts as long or as short as you want.  The coach is committed to coaching only as long as it benefits you as the client.  You are in charge!  On average a coaching relationship lasts six months.  Best practices is a commitment to six sessions and then determining whether to continue based on the coaching serving you effectively.

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