Coaching Process

Beyond learning the tools and techniques for coaching, practice and experience coaching enhances the skills of the coach.  A coaching process makes this easier and provides a methodology for results.  What follows is a description of an effective coaching process.

Introductory Session: This 20-30 minute session gives the client exposure both to coaching and the coach.  This creates buy-in to the process and sets the foundation for a productive relationship.  For the coach, this is an opportunity to learn about the client.

Opening Coaching Session: There are two different approaches to this session – focus either on exploring the big picture for the whole person or focus only on the workplace.  The advantage for focusing only on the workplace is the time savings and is supports the idea that work time means being paid to work.  The advantage of exploring the big picture for the whole person is developing understanding for the long-term of influencing factors from the life of the individual.  After developing an initial understanding of the big picture, when coaching in the workplace the ongoing focus is on work.  Because understanding the individual client and their influencing factors does support long-term success, in the opening session the coach asks the client about their goals for all areas of their life.

Second Coaching Session: Coaching is about achieving goals, and this calls for change.  In the second session the focus is on how the client will develop the thinking that supports their success and establish habits that move them toward their goals.  The coach explores these considerations with the client and provides tools to make it happen.

Third Coaching Session: With a solid foundation in place, the focus of the coaching hones in on top priorities.  In this session the client decides which goals they want to work on first and develops their strategy.

Fourth Coaching Session: In this session the coach solidifies the approach during coaching sessions for checking in on how the client is progressing and continuing to develop client skills and strategy.

Through this process the client achieves more easily and this is rewarding for the coach.

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