How do I decide if hiring a coach is the right move?

How do I decide if hiring a coach is the right move?

If you are thinking or wondering any of the following:

  • “Sometimes life gets so busy I don’t know if I’m coming or going.”
  • “All my ideas and thoughts jumble together.”
  • “I am unsure which direction I want to take.”
  • “I want to figure out my best strategy.”
  • “I want to build my confidence.”
  • “I want to manage my time and get organized.”
  • “I want to find the right job for me.”
  • “I want to earn a promotion.”
  • “I want to improve my skills.”
  • “I want to earn a promotion.”

Then coaching is likely a great opportunity. How do I decide if hiring a coach is the right move?

How will a coach help me get a plan, define a dream, or achieve a goal?  A coach will take you through the process of exploring opportunities and possibilities, considering challenges, identifying resources, creating strategies, defining action steps, and managing accountability.  A coach is a partner with the training and competencies to empower you being your best self.

The research shows the impact of coaching:

  • AMOCO Corporation, now part of British Petroleum, evaluated coaching over a ten-year period. The investigators reported that “compared to other AMOCO managers, coaching participants consistently demonstrated improved performance, increased ratings of potential for advancement and 50% higher average salary increases.  Moreover, the participants themselves attributed these results directly to the coaching they had received.”
  • Fortune Magazine cites an average return on investment of 600%.
  • MetrixGlobal LLC found coaching produced a 529% ROI and the financial benefits from employee retention boosted the overall ROI to 788%

How does coaching work to help me move forward?  Reflect on the difference between being told what to do and creating your own solutions.  A coach is trained through their coaching certification to empower you to discover your own answers and develop your own strategies.


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