Different at Different Times

diff for diff styles blog finalBy Pete Liska https://www.linkedin.com/in/peteliska/

During coach training we develop coaching competencies.  Identifying and adjusting to personality in the moment develops the competencies of Presence and also of Establishing Trust and Intimacy.  When coaching someone who, like in my last blog post, is primarily an Achiever and secondarily a Celebrator, start with recognizing which personality they are in the moment.  There are several tendencies to be aware of and then adjust to for a more effective conversation.  An Achiever tends to think, talk, decide, and act fast.  A Celebrator also moves fast with a difference that they are more dramatic and talkative with the preference for emotion over logic.

At the Center for Coaching Certification (CCC) in the Certified Professional Coach (CPC) program, part of the training involves practicing for the homework and then also one-on-one coaching during class.  For the homework I had conversations with different people and then these different personality types are written about so I described the personality types of the individuals.  In this process I explored some of the tendencies of the different personality types and knowing my own tendencies, how I will adjust to them.  Understanding these tendencies will help in having a better understanding of how your client is perceiving opportunities and choosing their way forward.  This also helps know what questions to ask and how to respond.  For example, when coaching an Achiever, questions about how they affect those around them and what that means in the long run.  If your client misses achieving something, ask them what they learned, what they will do differently, and how they will move forward.  When they are successful ask them how they are acknowledging them self.

Identifying and adjusting to your client’s personality will help you stay focused and in the moment when you are coaching.

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