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The Center for Coaching Certification training model is built on the ICF’s 11 Core Competencies while also being informed by multiple other models:

The Center for Coaching Certification training model

  • Competence: CCC programs build on your existing strengths with ICFs 11 Core Competencies to upgrade your skills, expand awareness of the synergy between being and doing, create positive belief in the client’s ability, and develop powerful coaching language.
  • Confidence: CCC programs build the confidence of the coach in their abilities, provide tools for empowering client confidence, enhance confidence in the coaching process, and incorporate awareness of positivity to support confidence for the long term.
  • Choice: CCC programs focus on the client being their own best expert thus empowering them to discover, decide, and strategize with the coach as their partner.

The Center for Coaching Certification offers ICF-approved ACSTH programs: Certified Professional Coach, Certified Master Coach, Certified Coach Specialist in Business, Career, Executive, Life, and Wellness, a Coaching Practicum class, plus Mentor Coaching to help you earn your ACC credential with the ICF, complete required continuing education, and to continue on for the PCC or MCC credentials. 

The Certified Professional Coach program is 30 hours for $1695 and offered either completely online or with a combination of online and face-to-face. 

The Certified Master Coach program is 35 hours for $1995 and offered completely online. 

The Certified Business, Career, Executive, Life, or Wellness Coach Specialist programs are 35 hours for $1995. 

The Coaching Practicum is 30 hours for $1895. 

The Mentor Coaching is 10 hours for $1000 and includes a 360 of Coaching Competencies. 

All programs are designed specifically to develop the 11 Core Competencies for coaches as defined by the ICF and build on your expertise.

How to Become a Coach

-about the process for training, ICF membership, and ICF Credentialing

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Step 1: Certified Professional Coach
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Advanced Coach Training
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