Coaching Teams

Coaching Teams

Coaching is a fabulous tool for individuals and equally fabulous for supporting teams.  Awareness of the potential is increasing rapidly.  Following are some basic insights. Coaching Teams

What are the reasons for coaching a team?

  • Manage Conflict
  • Improve Relationships
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Engagement
  • Create or Enhance Culture

What are the steps for providing team coaching?

  • Define Purpose – for example, decide if the coaching is to focus on relationships, tasks, or processes.
  • Objectives – define specifically what you want to gain through coaching.
  • Approach – develop the approach for coaching and working with each other.
  • Processes – create processes to use during the coaching.
  • Engage in Coaching – create buy-in with everyone involved and engage fully in the process.

What are some tips, techniques, and tools for teach coaching?

  • Empower the team to choose focus and process.
  • Invite the team to share, reflect, brainstorm, and decide.
  • Adjust to personal and learning styles.
  • Keep it positive and proactive.
  • Consider using an assessment such as the DISC Team Assessment.
  • Co-create Tools for team awareness, tasks, and processes.

Once implemented, what does it take for the team coaching to run smoothly?

  • Assess the impact and effectiveness of the coaching.
  • Measure the results with metrics on engagement and productivity, outcomes with tasks and objectives, and qualitative feedback on relationships and individual impressions.
  • Adjust focus or processes to maximize the opportunities and enhance results.
  • Acknowledge the improvements, progress, and successes.

What are the opportunities for learning and developing team coaching skills and opportunities?

  • Advanced coach training and continuing education programs.
  • Surveying current client organizations.
  • Networking with prospective clients and considering team coaching as a possible solution.

Team coaching is a benefit for clients and an opportunity for coaching business.


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