Reflecting for Insights

Reflecting for Insights

Events and experiences over the past few years have created many challenges. For example, many people struggled because they started working at home. It is challenging in confined spaces with family and other things happening. On the other hand, there have been tremendous benefits. Feedback from employees in many organizations is that they have more time because they are not commuting, which also means they are saving money.  They are experiencing balance because they have time with family and/or for exercising. They are eating healthier because they are cooking at home. Reflecting for Insights

What challenges and benefits have you experienced? What did you learn as a result? Journal about it, talk about it, and think about it. Ask yourself: What have I learned? What have I gained?

Something else to think about is the level of energy you want to invest in paying attention to everything that is going on. At what point do you determine what you can control so you focus your time and energy on that?

This self-reflective practice serves you being mindful and intentional about where you want to go next. We go through our struggles so that we build our strength and can fly.

Now is the time to fly! Let us take full advantage of that and together share the strength that comes out of what’s happened.

If you haven’t worked with a coach before or don’t have a coach now, consider how a coach will serve you moving forward to your ideal.

For those of you who are coaching, after your self-reflection consider how your awareness serves you when partnering with clients.


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