How a Wellness Coach Enhances Wellness

How a Wellness Coach Enhances Wellness

By Cathy Liska

First, a question: how is wellness developed?  It starts with evaluating your current level of wellness or defining your baseline.  Next, define your desired level of wellness considering your capacities.  Then, develop strategies and a plan of action.  Implement desired changes, review the impact, and adjust as appropriate.  Manage accountability and celebrate successes.  How is this made easier?  By working with a wellness coach.

Working with a wellness coach supports the process as follows:

  • Awareness: the coach asks questions to help explore the current level of wellness, motivations to stay at that level, and motivations to change.
  • Empowerment: the coach supports the exploration of goals and defining objectives while also considering possible barriers and limitations plus opportunities for moving past those barriers or limitations.
  • Planning: the coach supports the brainstorming and consideration of strategies and then works through a process for the client to define their specific, measurable action steps.
  • Accountability: as an accountability partner the coach asks the client how they want to be held accountable, then checks in with them on their progress; as the client’s partner the coach holds the focus on client intentions, and the coach ensures the client acknowledges their progress and successes.

While it is possible to significantly improve wellness individually, most often working with a wellness coach is more efficient and effective.

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