Coaching or Mentoring – Part 4

How do you implement an internal coaching or mentoring program?

An essential part of a program is to ensure there is buy-in, or to create buy-in, at all levels of the organization. To develop buy-in, have conversations with key players. Ask their thoughts and ideas. Ask for input. Provide information on the impact of similar coaching or mentoring programs at other organizations. The more people are involved in considering, designing, and implementing a program the greater their buy-in.

Begin the design process for a coaching or mentoring program by defining the outcome goals, participants, and resources. Examples of outcome goals noted in the previous blog are a starting point. The more specific and measurable the outcome goals of the program, the easier it is to determine the level of success and value of the coaching or mentoring.

After developing buy-in and defining the goals, identifying coaches or mentors and those to be coached or mentored flows naturally. When the participants are identified, provide an orientation for mentors, or a training program for coaches, that includes an overview, information on the process, and the outcome goals. Include a tool for identifying which mentor will work best with which person to be mentored or for matching coaches with people to be coached.

The resources dedicated to the coaching or mentoring program include the time for creating buy-in, selecting participants, the effort to provide an orientation for mentors or a training program for coaches, the time on follow-through and measuring outcomes, plus ongoing resources for participants. In the next blog posts, review specific training for coaches, and useful resources for the participants in the mentoring or coaching programs.

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