The Growth of Wellness Coaching

The Growth of Wellness Coaching

By Cathy Liska

US News cites Wellness Coaching as an “ahead of the curve” career. Currently wellness coaching is a fast-growing niche within coaching because people are increasingly aware of the impact of wellness and choosing to develop or enhance their own wellness.

As the interest grows it is important that coaches create awareness of the different areas of wellness and types of services for creating wellness.  For example, health coaching focuses primarily on medical condition, personnel training focuses primarily on physical exercise, and nutritionists focus on diet and eating habits.  Wellness coaching involves partnering with clients to create the change they desire.  Wellness coaches are supporting clients in doing their own research, creating new strategies, and designing action plans.  In addition to coaching, providing ongoing educational workshops, blogging and publishing, speaking, and engaging in the conversation enhances the awareness of wellness and wellness coaching.

Wellness Coaches have a passion for empowering and supporting the wellness of their individual clients.  Clients engage a wellness coach because it is effective and impactful for their wellness objectives.

For a coach and a client engaging in the wellness coaching relationship, it is important to explore:

  • Client objectives
  • Coach training and experience
  • How to manage subject matter expertise and coaching process expertise
  • The connection between the process and subject matter expertise for developing a level of rapport that best serves the client

Wellness Coaching continues growing because more and more individuals want to achieve their desired of wellness and a coach is their favored resource.

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