Coaching Competency 2 Speaks to Diversity

Coaching Competency 2 Speaks to Diversity

Competency 2 is Embodies a Coaching Mindset.  The definition for this competency is, “develops and maintains a mindset that is open, curious, flexible, and client centered.”  This in and of itself speaks to the humility we want for diversity.  When we are being open, curious, flexible, and client centered we are being open and accepting with diverse clients. Coaching Competency 2 Speaks to Diversity

Competency 2.2 says to engage in ongoing learning and development as a coach.  This means to continue learning coaching skills, coaching tools, and coaching techniques.  I believe that part of this ongoing learning is learning more about diversity, equality, equity, and social justice.  It includes learning about biases in general, plus our own conscious and unconscious biases as well as learning about systemic biases.  Sometimes clients are unaware of biases, or we fail to take it into consideration as an influencing factor.  How people think and the actions they choose are impacted by conscious and unconscious biases of their own and of others.

Competency 2.3 states “develops an ongoing reflective practice to enhance one’s coaching.”  This speaks to creating time for thinking and reflecting as well as attending continuing education.  How are we doing it?  There are many different tools we can use in our self-reflective practice to help us notice, be aware of, and understand others.  The tools include journaling, supervisory coaching, discussions, travel, study, and more.  Learning about others and the possible influencers serves both the coach and client.  It will also help us notice biases.

Competency 2.4 says “remains aware of and open to the influence of context and culture on self and others.”  Everyone has their own influencers based on life experiences.  There are simply variations or differences because we all grew up in different places in different environments and different circumstances.  This in turn influences thinking, confidence, and choices.  As a coach, it is our job to know and to be aware of this plus be curious and humble in exploring how it influences.  Ask the client.

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