How do people find a Coach?

Before I even knew what coaching was, I had people asking me if I would coach them. Undoubtedly they thought I was very clever when I got a blank look on my face and said, “Huh?” Now I have learned what a powerful opportunity I had to build a coaching business.

Where was I when I got asked if I would coach? Giving a presentation. Now each time I speak or train, I realize it is an opportunity to let people know about coaching services. Because people have a sense of my expertise and personality from the presentation, they decide their own comfort level in approaching me about coaching.

If you are a coach building a business, I recommend you actively look for opportunities to speak or train. Provide a great seminar; then simply let people know what you do and your contact information.

If you are looking for a coach, many speakers and trainers offer coaching services. Ask if they have training as a coach, and ask about the opportunity for a free mini-session.

How effective is this? After the last workshop I did, within a week I was serving as a coach for three people from the small group and each of the three is now advancing their goals effectively.
What topics do you think lend themselves to connecting coaches with clients?

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