Hitting Walls in Coaching

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Every once in a blue moon (or perhaps more often), a coaching relationship hits a wall. There is a blockage for some unknown reason. As a coach, one is not there to solve issues. A coach moves through situations with the client’s words leading the way, using questions to assist with thought provoking breakthroughs. When the client says I don’t know, there could be a number of reasons. A coach focuses on what question could open up a new awareness for the client. Sometimes the answer is there, and the client is having trouble reaching it.

Hitting Walls in CoachingHere are some ideas when hitting walls with clients: First take a breath and break the old focus. Let it go. Ask the client if he/she would be interested in trying something a little different? If the answer is yes, ask if she would like to focus the session on one of the four topics today: Reflective, Planning, Goals, or Solutions? This changes how the client sees the situation and gives a different perspective, thus a new road to understanding.

Examples of Questions:

  • What sparks your interest? (Reflective)
  • What parts will it take? (Planning)
  • Where are you going and when will you get there? (Goal)
  • How will you get there? (Solution)

It is when the brain is proactive that new solutions light up, so when stuck changing how the brain sees a situation can be a boost into new perception. The coach simply creates different options for how the client focuses.


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