ICF Core Competencies as a Coaching Tool

The ICF developed and publishes information on Core Competencies for coaches, doing an excellent job of detailing the skills required to provide effective coaching.

In ICF-approved coach training this is included reading material.  For a new coach, this is a tool for considering strengths and weaknesses, and to then determine priorities in their plan for developing skills.  An ICF-approved coach training will include information and an opportunity to practice skills in each of the competencies.

As a coach grows in their profession, the Core Competencies is a tool to refer to regularly for continued guidance and insight so that they plan professional development and continuing education.

One approach is to identify strengths and weaknesses, choose one of each to focus on enhancing, and include one that is of special interest.  Working on a strength supports confidence and motivation.  Working on a weakness improves over-all effectiveness.  Working on a competency of special interest supports engagement.

A coaching client benefits from the Core Competencies because it supports coaching excellence.  When a client knows the competencies it creates an awareness of their coach’s skills which supports their appreciation for the coaching process.

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