Why Coaching?

Listening Skills

Why coaching?  An individual who has a coach discovers their own answer with the help of their coach.   The success rate of someone who has a goal or dream is higher if that person came up with the way forward versus getting the way forward from someone else.  Working with a coach to explore possibilities, then create solutions moving towards, or forward, and designing actions to meet or get to a desired outcome is how a coach supports their client to achieve.  The coach is sounding board for their client to be afforded the time to think out loud, while the coach listens deeply and asks questions to empower their client to explore their ideas.  An effective coach develops the Core Competencies of a coach during their coaching certification to prepare for the process. 

Coaching is a tool that can help you make life decisions, plan for your business, enhance executive presence, design your career change, or be intentional about your health and wellness.  Based on multiple studies, the Return on Investment (ROI) of coaching is on average of 600% when an individual has coaching.  This is because coaching empowers you to explore possibilities and create solutions.  Coaching session are an opportunity to create a plan and move forward using the plan with the coach as an accountability partner.

Depending on the coaching situation, being a coach in the business or executive arena can involve role play, discussing different workplace scenarios as a neutral in a non-judgmental space, identifying areas for development, brainstorming, challenging and expanding thinking, working through various possibilities, and more.  During role playing or talking through a challenge, the coach asks probing questions to partner with the client so they explore and find their way to an answer or strategy, or practice a conversation so they are prepared.

Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the world.  The reason for this is that it works.  Coach training is a leadership development tool and also an opportunity to advance in a profession or expand into a new arena.  Visit www.CoachCert.com for information on coaching certification.  Free webinars and more are available as resources.

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